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I completed a survey. Where are my points?

After you have completed a survey successfully, you will see a thank you message mentioning you have successfully completed the survey.  This message will also show you the number of points you have received for completing that survey.

If you do not see this message, please make sure that you have clicked the final >> or "Send" button on the survey screen and have been redirected back to the SurveySay thank you page.

Once on the SurveySay website, log into your SurveySay account using your email and password.  If you already have a SurveySay page open, you may have to log out and log back in to see any points you were recently rewarded.

Once in your account, click on the 'My Rewards' link at the top of the page and review the list under the 'How did you earn these points?' section. Here you will find a history of your earnings.

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  • 20-Jun-2018