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I am having problems with accessing my survey

If you are having trouble accessing your survey from your email invite, please try copying THE ENTIRE survey link and copying it all into a new browser.

If the survey is still unavailable, try accessing it via Internet Explorer (as opposed to another internet browser like Safari, Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, etc.). Or delete cookies from your browser before accessing the survey.

If you are still having trouble accessing a survey, please, contact our Customer Support Team and give us a detailed explanation of the issue.

If possible, please send them a print screen showing the error and the link on your browser, so they can identify what could be happening.

Also, don´t forget to inform the survey number. You´ll find the survey number at the bottom of your survey invitation when it says "Project ID:XXXX" instead of these "XXXX" the survey number will appear.

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  • 20-Jun-2018